Choice of Hardware

'P' Series iPOSPays Gateway Terminals

P1-Desktop Android POS with Ethernet, WiFi, USB ports, keyboard and printer.

P3– Handheld WIFI/4G Android POS with keyboard and printer.

P5– Handheld WIFI/4G Android POS without keyboard and without printer.

'QD' Series Standalone & Gateway Terminals

QD1– Rigid Wireless Android with Bluetooth, WiFi & 4G.

QD2– Mobile Wireless Android with Bluetooth, WiFi & 4G.

QD3– mPOS Android (without printer) with Bluetooth, 4G/WiFi.

QD4– Desktop Android (with printer) with Bluetooth, IP & WiFi.

QD5– PIN Pad Android (without printer) with Bluetooth, USB, IP & WiFi.

'Z' Series Standalone Terminals

Z3– PIN Pad/Terminal USB & IP.

Z6– PIN Pad/Terminal with Touch screen USB & IP.

Z8– Dual Comm IP & WiFi.



Business Types