Cash Discount

Cash Discount and Surcharge options for your Retail, Restaurant and Quick Serve modules are all available!

DejaPayPro’s Cash Discount Program is the first of its kind, being a truly compliant method of offering merchants a choice, and has answered hundreds of consumers’ compliance concerns successfully.

Key Tips

  • Pricing should be displayed as credit amount “Cash discount at checkout”
  • Prices should show in multiple places (menus, price sheets, by the register etc.)
  • Can’t discriminate fees between card brands or consumers! Multiple options for your methods of payments.
  • Consumer knows the amounts per tender type of each type offered before payment due.
  • Fix amounts or tiered by percentage
  • Credit and debit cards equally, as well as Gift, Check and any tender type offered

Customized Fee Structures
Store prices are CASH prices
Popular Usage: “Non-Cash Adjustment Fee”

  • Prices listed in store are already discounted for cash
  • Pay cash and get discounted ticketed price
  • The non-cash (credit/debit/gift/check) price is “adjusted” to non-discounted regular discounted price (single line)

Unique Features no other POS can offer

  • DejaPayPro offers at least 5 different points of referencing Cash Discounting.
  • Customer Facing display optional for “review of tenders” with Fee and Discounts clearly displayed to consumer.
  • Cash Discounts Shown on receipts, and stored / uploaded in POS and DeNovo.
  • DeNovo Back Office extensive reporting, including base amount and totals with register fees, terminal fees (Surcharge) or with Discounts.
  • Detailed reporting- Itemization of Fees, Tips, Tax’s etc.
  • Extensive understanding of Compliance
  • Strict following of Associations rules and states law
  • Simple. Clever. Compliant. Proven.
  • Extra Tablet option for self-serve Price Checking device for consumer to verify prices on all tender per item sold.

Business Types