Back Office with Inventory

Back office data for Dejavoo terminals sorted for use by resellers and merchants on their computers and cellphones. Also the hosting data solution for DejaPayPro, Dejavoo’s cloud-based POS system for retailers, restaurants and inventory control.

Time is valuable – spend less time working and more time living. DeNovo brings you the greatest value of all, your time.

  • DejaPayPro DeNovo Manual

    Easy To use system, with minimal setup time.

    Our staff can help you through all the setup, or do it for you! Please inquire with your rep for assisstance.

Dynamically refreshing LIVE data at your finger tips.  DeNovo is a web based Back Office system offering added value services beyond the Point Of Sale.  Charts and Graphs based on Day, Date, Year for all your needs.

Item editing and creation in a web based interface.  Barcode support, Quantity Thresholds, Price by Item or by Weight.  Supports uploading of images per item, or per category.

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